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The Community Development Project in the Philippines

The Community Development Project is chosen by the producer communities and a simple plan is drawn up. In the case of Celebes, the first project chosen by the producer communities was the drilling of two wells in the Barangays (villages) of Concepcion, north of Butuan City, and Camanga, south-east of Butuan City. The reason for the selection of these two projects is simple and obvious: Before the project started, it took the villagers about 2 hours (Barangay Concepcion) and 1.5 hours (Barangay Camanga) respectively to fetch drinkable water.

Fairtrade3Initially, it was envisioned to drill the wells by a hand-powered system, but owing to the difficult rocky terrain it had to be drilled by a diesel-powered drill. Sturdy sheds to protect the wells were also built.

In October 2012, the first well in Barangay Concepcion had been drilled and in early November, as is custom in the Philippines, the completed well was blessed in an inauguration ceremony in the presence of many villagers and some employees of the Celebes Coconut Corporation.

The second well has now been completed in Barangay Camanga. The producer communities then meet to determine the next project. Step by step, the community development process will make a difference in the life of the villagers. Not only can they be proud that their work is compensated fairly, they have tangible evidence that their voice is important in the creation of a community they can shape according to their needs and wishes.

The Original Community Plan

Date: April 1, 2012

After some consideration and consultation with organic farmers in the area, the following community project was proposed:

Drilling two wells for the two communities of:

  1. Barangay Concepcion, Cabadbaran City, Agusan del Norte.
  2. Barangay Camanga, Manticao, Misamis Oriental.

Envisioned construction time per well: 2 weeks
Timeline: Well 1 to be finished on June 30, 2012, Well 2 finished by August 30, 2012.

Both communities have currently no source of potable water available. The well for the Barangay Concepcion would impact about 200 people in total. The distance to the nearest stream is up to 2 km (1.25 miles), resulting in a walking time of up to 2 hours roundtrip for the villagers to fetch water.

The well for the Barangay Camanga would impact about 120 people in total. The distance to the nearest stream is up to 1 km (0.65 miles), resulting in a walking time of app. 45 minutes roundtrip for the villagers to fetch water.

Initially, it was envisioned to have two 2-inch wells drilled manually by small contractors and by employing as much manual labor as possible. Estimated cost per well was $1000-1,500 each. However, small contractors asked for cost estimates for the wells refused to provide cost estimates, as they claimed it was not possible to drill deep wells with their equipment in their areas named above due to the extremely rocky nature of the underground. Therefore, a cost estimate for a 4-inch well drilled with diesel-operated well-drilling equipment was requested. The cost estimate came back at $3,800 per well, not including the manual pump (see enclosure 3, cost estimate). The advantage of drilling a 4-inch well would be that at a later stage the individual households could be supplied with water with the help of electrical pumps.

Next Phase of the Community Development Plan 

The next phase of the community development projects is now under way. It is planned to outfit several villages with no access to electricity whatsoever with solar panels so that they can have at least lighting, battery charging and other low voltage power uses. The amount of Social Premium has to be considerable so as to be able to buy and install the solar panels in larger quantities. As soon as the next community development project plan is finished, we will inform you about content and timeline.


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