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Project Update - Winfried Fuchshofen PhD FTSA 20th September 2012

Fairtrade4In the documents that I sent two deep wells for Barangay (village) Concepcion and Camanga were proposed.

Due to the difficulty of the terrain and the necessary depth of the well, we had to go with a different contractor with heavier equipment than initially envisioned. Consequently, the cost of the first well was way higher than anticipated – around $10,000.

Since that depleted all the Social Premium paid so far, we will tackle the second well in Camanga in the first months of 2013.

The first one was completed on August 25, 2012. Due to the timing and last-minute communication and the forth-and back movement of equipment we were not able to make a video clip as planned, but we will now be prepared to do the clip when the second well is being drilled.

I have attached a few pictures of the well-drilling process. I expect to get more pictures showing the finished well in the very near future.

Winfried Fuchshofen PhD FTSA 20th September 2012

Project Update - Rory Ong Lee 18th May 2013

The deep well was initially thought to cost only about US$ 3.800 However, since we are donating the deep well in areas where the government is unable to supply the villagers potable water because the farms are in a very remote area and elevated, we have to get a special contractor who has the machine to dig the deep well.

The wells need to be 200 to 500 feet deep. The cost of these wells is on the average about US$ 10,000.00. Two deep wells has been finished and we are now inspecting 2 other possible areas where we can donate the deep well this year.

Rory Ong Lee 18th May 2013

Project Update - Winfried Fuchshofen PhD FairTSA January 2014 

The first two projects consisted of the drilling of two wells. Initially, the idea was to employ manual well drilling technique so as to employ as many community members as possible in the project.

However, the ground was way too rocky for this technique to work, so the decision was made to use diesel-powered drilling equipment. Including the building of sturdy sheds to protect the wells, the amount per well spent in Barangay (village) of Mantiaco and Concepcion was about US-Dollar 10,000, USD 20,000 in total.

Since this is a big farming community and the Social Premium goes only so far, the community development projects in the villages are done on a rotating basis.

Project Update - Winfried Fuchshofen PhD FairTSA February 2015

Current discussions with farmers will lead to second phase community developments which will start in April 2015. These can take a long time to bring to fruition, sometimes 2 years, because it takes a while to accumulate enough Social Premium to fund the project.

How Does Lucy Bee Directly Support farmers and Workers?

Of the Fair Trade premium received to date, approximately $5000 was spent on financing the second well in Baranguay Catanga with a further $2000 on the well maintenance and safety programmes.

The balance of Lucy Bee’s contributions so far is accumulating in a fund to contribute towards the funding of a second phase project – solar lighting in 4 different farming villages in Northern Mindanao. The plan is for this to be completed by the end of 2015.


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