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Our major partner in ensuring that the Lucy Bee range is truly making a difference in the everyday lives of local communities is the Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance (FairTSA)

It is a non-profit organisation specialising in fair trade and social responsibility, standard development, ethical supply chain management and accountable, sustainable community development.


The purpose of the Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance is to improve farmers', producers' and workers' quality of life through the practice of fair trade and sustainable community development. Fair Trade is a market-based approach where trade meets social responsibility. FairTSA connects producers' quality products to a global network of ethically-minded buyers.


The Directors of the Alliance are deeply experienced in fair trade approaches and community development. Dr Winfried Fuchshofen has his doctorate in Ecological Agriculture. His career of nearly 30 years has focused on international sustainability projects, organic agriculture, inspection and certification and fair trade standards development. Dr Greg Boyer has a Master’s of Science in International Health and a doctorate in Human & Organisational Systems. Greg managed 250 staff in Zambia in several health, agriculture and community development projects; developed eight major health information and management systems for the government of Kenya; and led the participatory evaluation of development projects in various countries around the world.

Licensees and Registered Companies Working With FairTSA


  • Schweppes Australia Plc


  • Biotropic
  • Naturkost Uebelhoer GmbH & Co KG


  • Machielsen BV

United Kingdom

  • Happy Village Organics, UK
  • Lucy Bee Ltd.
  • Tiana Fair Trade Organics Ltd.


  • Lotus Foods Inc.
  • GloryBee Foods Inc.
  • NewOrganics Inc.
  • Unifresh-Group Inc.

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