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What People Say

Within 1 Week, Her Eczema Had Disappeared

Hi my 9 year old daughter has had severe eczema since birth and I have tried every steroid cream there was and nothing worked.

She used to cry all night as it became very itchy and she would scratch until it bled. A friend of mine told me to try your coconut oil as they read online it was very good for dry skin.

Within 1 week her eczema had disappeared. I went to Sainsbury’s and stocked up on 6 jars! I just wanted you to know that your product has really helped Becky and I’m very grateful

Natalie Phillips

Perfect for Holiday Hair

On holiday, I put this oil in a fancy spray bottle (it was liquid already because it was so hot).

I used it around the pool for spraying my hair. My friends had expensive Loreal products and the whole holiday they kept asking to use mine! 

I've also used it  as after sun and my tan is the best from this oil.

Anna Richardson

My Horse Loves Your Coconut Oil

I use your coconut oil for everything from cleansing my face, cleaning up cuts to putting in my berry smoothies.

My dog, Tig, and horse Clover, also enjoy your coconut oil. I was  using it as ointment for a cut on her last night but that wasn't  enough for her as you can see from the video! (see the video on Lucy Bee Facebook page).

Do you sell shares? I may need them..... Or a loyalty discount card..... !!

Thanks for a great product.

Deborah Gwilliam, Stroud

Cheers to Mother Nature
Vital Store Cupboard Ingredient
Transformed Our Diets
Soft and Shiny Hair
Great as a Deodorant
Great for Combatting Acne
I Use it for Everything
Butter Replacement