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I'd just like to add something too, that coconut oil is amazing for is breastfeeding mammies! Hope it's OK to post here, but thrush is extremely common but can be excruciating in the breast tissue, and is notoriously difficult to get rid of from breast and babies mouth.

After 17 weeks of feeding through agony, battling GP's for medication which they are loathe to prescribe, coconut oil was my savior and enabled me to carry in breastfeeding. Amazing!! X

Lindsay Stanley

Coffee and Green Tea

I only discovered this amazing product just over a month ago... It's fabulous! I have it daily in my coffee or green tea but use it for almost everything! Here are some of my favourites:

Hair and Dry Skin

I have bleached hair. It WAS very dry. I use Lucy Bee on my hair for a leave in hair treatment once a week and my hair is luscious and really soft. It smells gorgeous too. I slap it on and cover with a hair towel and then go to bed. Wash it off the next day and hey presto! Magic! I suffer from very dry skin. I used to find it was worse after shaving. I use Lucy Bee to shave with and also as a moisturiser after. No more dry, flaky skin. Magic!

Eye Help

I no longer use my usual ''expensive" night time eye cream. I use Lucy Bee around my eye area and it has moisturised my really dehydrated tired eyes. Magic! At this time of year with heating on in the house and my office I suffer from cracked skin around my fingernails. It's really painful and I found the hand cream I used to use would sting like hell when I put it on.

Hands Too

I have been rubbing in Lucy Bee daily and my hands have been healing up nicely and it doesn't sting. Magic! Lastly... Not human beauty related...

Even Pets

My fur babies. I have two pugs. They get a spoonful of Lucy Bee a day in their dinner everyday. I've noticed their dogs breath is better, their coat is nice and shiny, and they're not shedding as much as they did. (That's a miracle!) I'm looking forward to being able to try it as sunscreen too. Just need to book a holiday now!! Any excuse!

Sally Coombe

Healthier Choice

I've lost 4lbs in a week by making healthier choices, and incorporating Lucy Bee into my meals! I've always suffered with low blood sugar, but I have to say I love how much this has helped to control it! So happy Xx

Lindsay Stanley

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