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Obsessed With Coconut Oil

I may well be obsessed with coconut oil but when you read the article below I only wish my Mum had continued using it. I have used spreadable margarines all my life, cooked with vegetable oils and God knows what else I succumbed to in my youth (food wise)!!!

The good thing is that our kids will get a good start in life and so will their kids. So if you think of it like that our legacy will be their good health.

I cannot tell you how many people I know now with cancer!!! I read the article and it is unbelievable how much tampering they do to extract the oil - if you can call it oil!



Soft and Shiny Hair

I have been reading a lot about coconut oil and how it’s good for you and decided I would swap it for normal oil. I use it in my diet, on my hair and as a cream and I have noticed a big difference, my hair is soft and very shiny and my dry skin is gradually going.


Pregnant Bellies

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have been amazed by how much I use Lucy bee. It's brilliant. I use it as part of my diet every day in my coffee. I have also discovered how great it is as a moisturizer on my pregnant belly. It's worked wonders on a scar I have been trying to treat for years and it's made a brilliant hair mask! I'm looking forward to finding out what else I can use it for!

Rachel Nicholls

Cheers to Mother Nature
Vital Store Cupboard Ingredient
Transformed Our Diets
Soft and Shiny Hair
Great as a Deodorant
Great for Combatting Acne
I Use it for Everything
Butter Replacement