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What People Say

Transformed Our Diets

My wife and I have totally transformed our diets, starting with changing the oil that we used to cook with from olive oil to coconut oil. We always ate well, and never eat take-a ways, ready meals etc, and we always cook our food as fresh as possible. But we have 'cleaned' up our diet a lot, and Lucy Bee Coconut Oil has helped us do this.

I use Lucy Bee! My wife also started using it on her skin, and especially on her face, she suffers from time to time break-outs of spots on her face and after using Lucy Bee each night it cleared up within no time at all. I also use it on my hands when I get dry skin during the colder months. All in all we are huge fans! I can guarantee we will be life-long users!

Dafydd James

Marked Difference in Taste

I have been using a well-known vitamin stores coconut oil for a few months and then came across Lucy Bee on a healthy eating website, so thought I'd give it a try. There is a marked difference in taste and you don't have to refrigerate Lucy Bee (except in a heat wave) so I found it much easier to use.

I work as a receptionist in a Sun Bed shop and have been singing its praises ever since, and many customers have tried it and cannot believe the results. My hair and skin have changed dramatically and customers have been asking what I have been doing. 

Taste is Amazing

I eat 3 heaped teaspoons a day, cook everything in it (the taste is amazing) and use it as a moisturiser on my face and body. My fine, flyaway hair doesn't fly away anymore...I just put a little on my hair at bedtime and wash it as normal in the conditioner needed anymore.

A little goes a long way so a jar lasts for a lot longer than expected. I cannot praise this product enough and have stopped taking the copious amounts of vitamins I was taking. My local Sainsbury’s will have to stock more as I recommend it to customers every day and the feedback shows how well it works! Many thanks Lucy Bee!

Wendy Slipper

Fair Trade and Affordable

I choose Lucy Bee because it's fair trade and supports the local community where it is produced, which I think is a very important factor when considering a product. Too long industry and government have failed to nourish and support the communities that produce this miracle oil in favour of cheaper alternatives.

I feel reassured by buying Lucy Bee knowing they represent my own views when it comes to fair trade. It also tastes and smells better than other brands which can be bought for same price! Speaking, of which I was also surprised that it was so affordable; most other brands of the same quality are much more expensive in comparison.

Amy Bascombe-McCarthy

Cheers to Mother Nature
Vital Store Cupboard Ingredient
Transformed Our Diets
Soft and Shiny Hair
Great as a Deodorant
Great for Combatting Acne
I Use it for Everything
Butter Replacement