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In our house we use it for everything from cooking to beauty

Hello I am now on my second jar of Lucy Bee coconut oil, and I have to say it is amazing.

In our house we use it for everything from cooking to beauty.

I only wish I knew about it when my 2 boys were babies as they suffered really badly with nappy rash and I think it would of really helped. They do though enjoy it in their morning hot chocolate.

After my first tub I was tempted by a cheaper version thinking it would be the same and I couldn't have been any more wrong. I got really bad dry skin on my face, I would go as far as to say burns around my eyes especially were very red and sore. After purchasing your product again it really helped to clear it up. Thank you.

I will definitely not be tempted by an inferior brand again. I am also going to send off for your free brochure, and your newsletter.

Kim Barnes

I've Told So Many People to Use it, Especially My Mummy Friends

I just wanted to email you to say how much I love your coconut oil.

I've been using it in my baby's bath since he was about 3 weeks old and I'm still using it now he's nearly 7 months. It leaves his skin lovely and soft, people are always commenting on how lovely his skin is.

When he was about 4 weeks old he had a bit of cradle cap, I had some Deninox in the cupboard, but thought I'd try rubbing some coconut oil before I tried it. The next day I brushed his hair and the cradle cap was completely gone, it was brilliant!

I've told so many people to use it, especially my mummy friends. It really is great, so thank you

Leah Mason

As a coconut oil convert I'm always singing its praises.

I put a spoon of Lucy Bee coconut oil in my morning coffee which makes it delicious.

I also use it on my hands and lips and any dry patch of skin gets some oil rubbed in.

As a coconut oil convert I am always singing its praises, my friend, my daughter & her friend have now become converts, I can't rate it high enough.

Diane Ives

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Transformed Our Diets
Soft and Shiny Hair
Great as a Deodorant
Great for Combatting Acne
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