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What People Say

There are Not Many Things I Don't Use it For....

A couple of years ago I had eyelash extensions. When they were removed my eyelashes were damaged quite badly and they never grew back as long or thick as they used to be.

However, since using Lucy Bee to remove my make-up every night and to moisturise twice a day, I have noticed that my eyelashes seem to be growing longer and thicker than they have been since the removal of the eyelash extensions.

I cannot tell you how happy I am about this. I have also been using Lucy Bee when sunbathing and I am sure it is making me browner than usual. Although I have olive skin anyway, people are asking me my secret to keeping such a deep tan. Of course, I tell them to use Lucy Bee!

Actually, there are not many things I don't use it for now, including hair conditioner, oil pulling, moisturising my whole body and loads more.

I have my eyeliner and eyebrows tattooed on and am not supposed to wear make-up for seven days after, as make-up remover will disturb the fresh tattooing and could remove it altogether. However, after my latest top up I used Lucy Bee as a make-up remover and my tattoos healed in double time and no loss of colour. Was very happy with this.

I love cooking with it too. I have also noticed a slightly itchy patch that has almost stopped itching since I have used Lucy Bee.

Thank you so much. 

Anne Fox

Lucy Bee Has Become My Beauty Best Friend

On our recent holiday I forgot to take my make-up remover!! Horrified!!

As I wear waterproof mascara and trying to remove it with anything other than a product especially formulated for waterproof make-up usually results in very sore eyes from the endless rubbing, or missing lashes from the frustrated plucking.

I decided recently to convert to Lucy Bee coconut oil as my facial moisturiser, as recommended by a friend, Mrs P.  I also remembered her mentioning using it as a make-up remover.  With nothing else to hand I decided to give it a go. Much to my surprise my mascara slipped off my lashes like butter, no constant rubbing and no mascara residue left.  My £24 bottle of make-up remover (which would last 4-5 months) will be no more and Lucy Bee has become my latest beauty best friend.

My only complaint is that it doesn't come in a more convenient style packaging, I wouldn't want to lug it abroad!

Thank you to my friend for introducing this latest product to my life.  

Nicola Darby

Lucy Bee Was a Life Saver!

I first discovered your product when I became ill as a result of over prescription of topical steroids to control my eczema.

I had to go through a horrendous withdrawal process that saw my skin go bright red, itch, ooze and flake for a period of nine months.

I was constantly uncomfortable. Lucy Bee was an absolute life saver. I used it as a bath oil, a moisturiser, a scalp mask, as well as to cook with.

Nina Sloan testimonial

Since then I have healed fully and started working as a sports massage therapist. The ONLY oil I will use on my clients is Lucy Bee. 

Nina Sloan

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