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It brightens and makes my teeth look whiter

Before I looked at all the beauty uses for coconut oil on your website, I'd already started to use it for most of them:

1. On my eye lashes: (I started 2014.) I have found coconut oil darkens the eyelashes, makes them thicker and longer. For it to work, you have to rub a finger in it, then put thumb and finger between the eyelash from the top, and glide/smooth down very slowly, because it won't thicken if you do it quick, your finger has to move down the lash slowly. You can tell if you've done it right because the hair does darker in colour. The top eyelash you can do with finger and thumb, but the lower one just use one finger.

2. So I thought if it worked on my eyelashes why not on my hair? (Started September 2014.) It has thickened my hair! But as with the eyelashes, you have to move thumb and finger very slowly down the hair to the end of it. (Down each hair. Don't massage it into the scalp or hair. If you move down each hair that you want to be thicker, slowly, it'll thicken it. The hair does darker in colour.) And I've noticed in doing it for about 30 minutes or so each time, that my hair looks thicker where I've applied the coconut oil. It's only been a few months.

3. On my teeth: It brightens and makes my teeth look whiter. What I do is rub some on the end of my finger and then rub it on my teeth in a circular motion. I also use before I do that, a blotting brush.
I also do oil pulling, and that helps to keep the plaque down.

Those are the uses where I've noticed a difference using coconut oil, but I also use it as a face moisturiser, a body moisturiser and on my nails. I also use it while in the sun.

I hope my experience using coconut oil is helpful?

Christopher Oliver

Thank you for such a lovely product and great advice.

Hi Lucy, I just wanted to get in touch with you firstly to thank you for such a lovely product and great advice to go along with it and second of all to tell you my story.

I have used your coconut oil since I first heard of it a few years ago and used it for cooking which is fabulous!

Then I started using it as a hair treatment and body moisturiser once a week after my pampering bath. I have been suffering with acne again (had this in my teens also) and was prescribed roaccutane (a very strong last result anti biotic.) One of the side effects of this is very dry skin on the face and body along with cracked lips and nasal area. I was experiencing all of these symptoms and decided to use your Lucy Bee coconut oil on my skin as a moisturiser but also on my face and lips at night!

The results have been amazing! I had a large crack at the side of my lip with the drying out process being so intense and can now report it has healed! Thanks again for all your advice and an amazing product xxx

Chantelle Smith

I Love Everything About It

I've been using this body scrub for a couple of months now and I love everything about it.

Mix 1 part Lucy Bee (melted, but not warm!) with 1 part coffee granules (not instant, the coffee you would put into a coffee filter) and finally 1/2 part caster sugar.

Mix all ingredients in a jar and leave in the shower. The warm water melts the Lucy Bee just enough for it to spread wonderfully and moisturise my skin, the coffee and sugar not only smell delicious but leave only healthy new skin. 

Emily Brown

Cheers to Mother Nature
Vital Store Cupboard Ingredient
Transformed Our Diets
Soft and Shiny Hair
Great as a Deodorant
Great for Combatting Acne
I Use it for Everything
Butter Replacement