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Great as a Deodorant

31 December 2013

Beauty Tip: Hi, I've been using coconut oil for a number of years and it's great to discover a new brand which is organic and Fair Trade. I add coconut oil to my coffee and mix it using a milk frother (Aerolatte). I also use it on my skin but why I am writing to you is to let you know it works great as a deodorant.

My friend was so impressed that I didn't smell (not even of coconut!) that he started using it on his (very smelly) feet. Not only did it stop his feet from smelling, but it cleared up the itching he gets from some sort of skin condition he has. He then started using it as a deodorant too and he never smells! Just rub a small amount onto your underarms and it lasts all day! It certainly works in the winter and British spring but not had the chance to test it on a baking hot day yet given our washout summers of the last few years! I'm going to my local Sainsbury's today to request that they stock Lucy Bee's.

Carol Scott