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I am very happy that your coconut oil is Fair Trade

20 November 2014

Here is how I use my Lucy Bee !

I purchased my first jar of your lovely coconut oil with the intention of using it as a healthy new cooking ingredient. Indeed it is very versatile and the whole family has enjoyed it in porridge, on crumpets, with fish or chicken, in soup etc...

I am Maman to three little ladies aged 10, 7 and 10 months old and I use this oil for them and myself as a lip balm, massage oil and bath oil. It does a great job and keep skin soft and moisturised. It' s also great as a natural barrier cream for keeping baby' s bottom healthy and free from nappy rash.

I am glad I have discovered this wonderful product now that I am trying to educate my two oldest girls about self care, body image etc... I have given them one small jar each for their own personal use and they love it !

Finally, I am very impressed that your coconut oil is fair trade. It does make a difference and although I have seen other brands of oil in various shop I insist on buying yours as it is of great quality and sourced fairly.

Keep up the good work ! 

Karine Cliff