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It is a miracle. Thank you Lucy Bee!

24 May 2017

I have had badly infected cellulitis and eczema for over 10 doctor had sent me to the hospital so any times, with no improvement...mostly because all the doctors wanted to do was give me steroid creams and antibiotics.

The last time I was taken in, they treated me via email!!!! came to see me while I was in at all and I was prescribed a very large steroid injection...How can they do this without seeing me??? My skin stripped and was hanging off in sheets....and it had gotten so thin that the slightest touch would make me bleed. After I came home from the hospital, I got a follow up appointment to see the dermatologist and he once again prescribed steroid cream!!!!!! I said no, I told him I had been prescribed every type of steroid cream known to man and would have no more. My doctor agreed with me.

A few months ago, my neighbour told me to try coconut oil.....I looked online to see what the benefits were and was feeling optimistic about it. My sister went to Sainsbury's and came back with Lucy Bee's Coconut Oil. Within a few days, my skin started to look less like a boiled lobster and then a few days later, it started to look much better. I couldn't believe it.....I told my doctor and he was impressed....the specialist said that I shouldn't use it and there was no proof it would work.....I put my arms under his nose and said "There is the proof".

When I couldn't get LB Coconut Oil one week I bought another, and it didn't seem to work as well, as my arms started to become red and itchy soon as I went back to LB, it started to improve I am trying not to run out of LB now. I am using one 500ml jar a week but it is well worth it. My skin is looking nearly normal....under my breast is taking longer....but it is a miracle. Thank you LUCY BEE. 

Denise Gardner