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Lucy Bee as a Moisturiser

21 March 2014

Hello there, I just wanted to tell you how amazing your product is for a moisturiser!

I suffered from a fungal yeast infection on my face from being misdiagnosed with acne rosacea: I was put on 3 months of strong antibiotics which is the worst thing to do when you have a yeast infection! My face was very red, burning, covered in spots and just awful. It spread into my scalp, down my chest and back and I was miserable.

Luckily I found a doctor who believed me when I told her I had researched a lot on the internet and I believed my condition was from a fungus, not rosacea, and she immediately gave me some cream to treat it.

Although it cleared up (eventually), my skin has never been the same since; I have very sensitive skin now, and the burning started up whenever I stopped using the anti fungal cream (canesten).

During my treatment I had briefly tried a very strict diet to try and boost my skin. This involved cooking with a lot of coconut oil (lucybee!), and honestly my skin was GLOWING!! It had never been so good.

The diet slipped a bit and I am only now just really getting back into cooking with your oil, and feeling so much healthier.

But the main reason I am writing is because I started moisturising my face with the coconut oil a few months ago, and it is the only thing that soothes my skin and doesn't make it burn. I stopped using it for a few days and the burning started again, so now I am a complete convert!!

My skin looks brighter and younger and super-healthy, and I've started using it as a body lotion too!

Thank you for a lovely product that I can buy so easily at the supermarket! xxxxxx