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Lucy Bee Has Become My Beauty Best Friend

29 July 2015

On our recent holiday I forgot to take my make-up remover!! Horrified!!

As I wear waterproof mascara and trying to remove it with anything other than a product especially formulated for waterproof make-up usually results in very sore eyes from the endless rubbing, or missing lashes from the frustrated plucking.

I decided recently to convert to Lucy Bee coconut oil as my facial moisturiser, as recommended by a friend, Mrs P.  I also remembered her mentioning using it as a make-up remover.  With nothing else to hand I decided to give it a go. Much to my surprise my mascara slipped off my lashes like butter, no constant rubbing and no mascara residue left.  My £24 bottle of make-up remover (which would last 4-5 months) will be no more and Lucy Bee has become my latest beauty best friend.

My only complaint is that it doesn't come in a more convenient style packaging, I wouldn't want to lug it abroad!

Thank you to my friend for introducing this latest product to my life.  

Nicola Darby