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Lucy Bee was great for my son's tattoo

28 July 2016

Just wanted to give you some feedback on how Lucy Bee coconut oil worked its magic for my son! He recently went for his first appointment for his first tattoo, it was really important to him that he looked after it carefully during the healing process.

Initially he followed the strict advice given by the tattooist of applying an antiseptic cream recommended by them which he did for the first 3 days and that was great.  After this time the tattoo started to look a little dry and flaky. I suggested he borrow my Lucy Bee so he kept my jar on hand for the next week or so, applying a layer of coconut oil every few hours whenever the area looked liked it was getting a little dry.

Honestly, it was AMAZING the tattoo healed so quickly and he has had no scabbing whatsoever, it's been fantastic. The tattoo looks great, really fresh and he will definitely be using it again when he goes back for his second appointment to get the tattoo finished. 

 Another use for Lucy Bee! 

Claire, from Yorkshire