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Proud Users of Lucy Bee

02 March 2014

...thank you so much to all of you for putting up with me over the years going on and on about the benefits of coconut oil. I know I get quite passionate bordering on obsessive and can be quite persistent at times but sometimes that is what is required to get through to people. Some of you were hard nuts to crack (pun intended)! I am glad though that you are now proud users of Lucy Bee's coconut oil.

Actually the main reason for the email is that I forgot to tell you that my wonderful friends that are responsible for bringing the oil to your doorstop are also great friends of the environment.

Cheers to Mother Nature

Therefore, they paid a teeny weeny bit more for an easy to peel off label to enable us to reuse the jars. So when you are all in your 80's with your memory intact and nimble fingers you can put your culinary skills to use making jams, pickles, chutneys etc and have storage jars ready and waiting...and I say to those of you who are looking for quicker results, you should have listened to me sooner! Cheers to Mother Nature Love, Amber xx