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Replacement for Dairy

21 February 2014

This coconut oil from Lucy Bee is so virtuous it is almost like angel's tears.... and I don't mean salty or invisible... New to the UK, Lucy Bee's Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is gluten and lactose free, suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and has no additives or preservatives. It is also fair trade and raw. Beat that!

Try it on Bread

We tried it on some bread, and noted its lightness immediately. It has a delicious delicate, toasty, nutty flavour to it as well and works well as a butter replacement for those dairy intolerants/allergics...

'Lovely to Cook With'

It is also lovely to cook with, whether you are sautéing meat or vegetables, or baking. But maybe the best thing about Lucy Bee's is the price. As any coconut oil enthusiast will know, most of the oils that are currently on the market, delicious though they may be, will set you back nearer £15 than £10 for 500g so to get this quality of oil for under £10 is a really good bargain.

Bake with Coconut Oil

It makes baking with coconut oil almost an everyday possibility rather than for special occasions only! A 500ml jar of Lucy Bee's costs £9.95 and can be bought from any good health food stores.

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