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Whether it is scientific or not, my mood has elevated since using Lucy Bee!

11 September 2014

For about 18 months I was using baby oil as a moisturiser on a daily basis.

For a long time I couldn't understand why my skin was getting worse and worse. I finally did my research, and found out how harmful petroleum (the main ingredient) is to the skin - how it creates long-term skin dependency.

A friend had told me about the benefits of coconut oil and so I gave it a try - I have never looked back.

I use it as a daily body moisturiser, as a hair mask (which has led to my hair growing longer than it ever has in my life!), as a face night moisturiser, and as a make-up remover for tough eye make-up.

I absolutely love the stuff, and constantly talk about it - I'm fairly sure my friends and colleagues thought that I was getting commission on sales (until they tried it themselves and realised how amazing it is).

I love using something on my skin which I know is the most natural thing I could possibly use in the world, and since using this product, it has made me so much more aware of the importance of natural products.

Whether it is scientific or not my mood has elevated slightly since I started using Lucy Bee Coconut Oil! I love it!

Thank you Lucy Bee!

Megan McCrudden