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Lucy's Amazon astore for The Little Blossoms Project

Here you'll find a selection of some of our favourite items that we thought you might be interested in, too. We've joined Amazon's affiliate scheme and have decided that commissions paid through the scheme will ALL go to charity. This applies to everything that you purchase on Amazon, not just those mentioned below, so the more we all shop, the more our charities benefit!

Google Chrome Users

The Amazon store does not work correctly with Chrome, Amazon are aware of this please use another browser if possible.

No Extra Cost to You

There’s no extra cost to you and the way it works is that Amazon pays 5% commission to Lucy Bee and we then pass it ALL on to charity. We'll keep a running total so that you can see how much is being raised.

Bookmark this page and every time you shop on Amazon access it through clicking on this link. With your help, we can all make a difference!