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Lucy Bee’s New Beauty Book, Natural Beauty with Coconut Oil

Natural Beauty with Coconut Oil seemed like the obvious book to bring out after our first cookbook. We're constantly asked for beauty tips from our social media following and in general coconut oil has become really popular as a beauty must have. This is because more and more people are realising the importance of using natural, raw, organic products as close to nature as possible - both in their cooking and beauty regime.

I am a qualified CIBTAC beauty therapist and have a passion for all things health and wellbeing. This is why I wanted to share all the versatile ways you can use your jar of Lucy Bee Coconut Oil and to make sure you get the most out of your unrefined, organic, raw and Fair Trade jar.

So Why Is Coconut Oil the 'Must Have' Beauty Ingredient?

Coconut oil is a wonder beauty product because of its incredible properties. It contains something called lauric acid (approximately 48% and one of the only other places you’ll find this is in a mother’s breast milk). Lauric acid is known for its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties which makes it the perfect ingredient when talking in beauty terms. Coconut oil is also high in vitamin E making it nourishing and hydrating for the skin.

What's in the Book?

You will find 50 homemade beauty recipes from hair masks, to cleansers for your skin, cuticle care for your cuticles and nails, body scrubs, bath bombs and even bath melts.

All recipes are using natural ingredients. I have also explained the benefits of the most used ingredients in the book, making sure you understand why you should use them as a beauty product. I also like to stress the importance of not only looking after the outside but making sure you fuel your body in the best way possible – so I have added a couple of smoothies and juices, salads and snacks. There are also simple tips for a healthier you.

What's Inside?

  • It’s All About the Glow
  • Beauty Ingredients
  • For the Face
  • For the Body
  • For the Hands & Feet
  • For the Hair

How to Buy the Book

You can 0rder the book on Amazon by clicking this link

Happy pampering, 

Lucy x

About Lucy Bee Limited

Lucy Bee is concerned with Fair Trade, ethical and sustainable living, recycling and eating close to nature with additive free products for health. We are also proud to have recently won the Best Buy, Ethical Award for our coconut oil.

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50 top-to-toe natural beauty recipes for all ages, including mother and baby, PLUS, Lucy’s top tips for a healthier you!


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Tip of the Week

Coconut Sugar is a natural alternative to refined sugar. It has a glycaemic index (GI) of 35 – this is how quickly foods affect your blood sugar and those foods below GI55 are digested and absorbed more slowly, with a slower rise in glucose levels. Despite its name, our Coconut Sugar doesn’t taste of coconut!

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