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As we age the skin loses its smoothness, fullness and elasticity which leads to the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Ageing Skin

As we age the skin loses its smoothness, fullness and elasticity which leads to the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 

Cell renewal rate slows down.  This is because blood circulation is slower and less oxygen is delivered to skin cells, so the cells are not replaced as rapidly as in a younger person.  The combination of elastin and collagen proteins slows down.  Elastin and collagen are responsible for the elasticity and strength of the skin. Lines deepen and skin begins to sag.

The skin's barrier layer which protects us from pollution, chemicals and also keeps the lower layers plump with water, weakens, resulting in the skin becoming more dehydrated and producing less oil.  As a result there is a loss of volume (fat). Coconut oil used on the skin can moisturise, alleviate dryness and give skin a healthy, soft, youthful appearance.

Use a small amount rubbed into the palm of hands, before applying to the skin. 

Try out Lucy Bee Anti-ageing Mask

This mask will help to boost the collagen and elastin, while also soothing and hydrating the skin. This will help with plumping skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. After doing a little more research to come up with the best anti-ageing food facial mask, I found out that bananas are known as ‘Mother Nature’s botox’.


1 medium-sized banana

1 tsp. Lucy Bee Coconut Oil, melted

1 tsp. Lucy Bee Cacao Powder/Lucy Bee Drinking Chocolate (it's 100% cacao powder!)


Mash the banana into a bowl then add the Lucy Bee Coconut Oil and Lucy Bee Cacao Powder/Lucy Bee Drinking Chocolate.

Mix together well and apply to your skin for 15/20 minutes.


•    Banana – protects our skin from free radicals which delays the ageing process. They also contain vitamin B which lightens skin tone and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

•    Lucy Bee Coconut Oil –  is high in lauric acid (approximately 48%), which is also found in a mother's breast milk. This is a powerful antioxidant and is antibacterial and antifungal. Also, it’s high in vitamin E, so very nourishing.

Lucy Bee Cacao Powder - cacao is an antioxidant. It protects the skin from free radicals. Studies show that flavonoids in dark chocolate absorb UV light, which helps to protect and increase blood flow to the skin. This helps to plump the skin and complexion. 

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