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Baby Massage using Coconut Oil


'It's also a fantastic way to support your baby’s physical development whilst helping ease common newborn problems such as colic and constipation.' - Gayle Berry, baby massage expert and founder of Blossom & Berry baby massage

Coconut Oil for Baby Massage

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Baby massage is an ideal way to spend precious time with your newborn and strengthen that unique bond.

Not only can this relaxing technique help to soothe your baby but it can also encourage sleep – often a rare commodity with a new baby!

The beauty of baby massage is that it is so simple and easy to learn and experience with your baby. It's best to make sure your baby is happy and healthy before you begin. Avoid massage immediately after a feed. Ensure your hands are clean and then you are ready to go!

Why Organic Coconut Oil? 

1. The nourishing effect of coconut oil, due to its saturated fats, helps to prevent moisture escaping from the skin which helps keep your baby’s skin supple.

2. It is easily absorbed by the skin and helps deliver all the nutrients in the oil to your baby’s body. (A note from Lucy Bee: From our research it would appear that vegetable oils high in oleic acid could prove to be a problem if a baby has dry or broken skin, or atopic eczema. It seems that these can be harsher on a baby’s skin than oils which are rich in linoleic acid.)

3. Coconut oil is often used for baby massage as it has a small percentage of oleic acid as well as linoleic acid. It is predominantly (approx. 48%) made up of lauric acid, which has antimicrobial properties.

4. It has a subtle odour which does not interfere with your baby learning about you and your scent. 

5. If the oil is on your baby’s hands and then he puts his hands in his mouth, it does not have a strong or unpleasant taste and is not harmful to your baby. 

6. Coconut oil is, also, wonderful for your hands so your skin benefits when you are massaging your baby.

Coconut oil is (approximately)

- 6% oleic acid & 1.4% linoleic acid

Olive oil is (approximately)

- 55-83% oleic acid & 3.5-21% linoleic acid

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