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Nail and Cuticle Care


'Rubbing a small amount of coconut oil into the cuticles will help with moisturising and conditioning.'

Cuticle Care and Treatment

From washing pots and pans to carrying shopping bags, typing at our computers and running baths for the kids, our hands and nails take endless wear and tear. 

While you may not have time to book in for manicures or intensive hand treatments, there is plenty that you can do at home to ensure your hands, fingers and nails are always in tip-top condition. If you suffer from chipped or broken nails in particular, then our coconut oil can help you. 

Keep Your Nails Looking Good

You probably don't really stop to give your cuticles a second's thought. However, it pays to look after them regularly and to keep them happy and healthy by getting them soft, supple and strong.

You see, to help keep our nails looking good (and who doesn't want healthy looking hands and nails?) we must look after the cuticles since they help to stimulate new, nail growth by increasing circulation in the nail bed. They're also pretty clever in that they protect the nail by sealing off the opening between our nail and the finger itself. Pretty clever, right?

Caring for Cuticles With Coconut Oil

In fact, here at Lucy Bee, we've taken to showing off our glossy manicures by caring for our cuticles with coconut oil. It's really fast and easy and makes a huge difference - simply rubbing a small amount of coconut oil into the cuticles will help with moisturising and conditioning, as well as revitalising rough, ragged cuticles and helping soothe painful hangnails and torn cuticles.

Moisturise Your Cuticles

We like to use this party trick at all times of the day, but a particularly good time to moisturise the cuticle is just before going to bed. This is because you won't be dipping your hands in and out of water or adding to the daily wear and tear, which causes weakness in the nail. 

Remember The Gloves!

We also advise that you care for your cuticles and nails by always remembering to wear gloves when dipping them into water. It also helps to eat a healthy, balanced diet, full of proteins, vitamins, minerals and good fats to keep your nails in peak condition.

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