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Frying with Coconut Oil

Organic, extra virgin coconut oil is suitable for frying foods, whether it be eggs, meat, fish or vegetables and you’ll find that a little goes a long way, so you don’t need to use too much.

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How to Fry With Coconut Oil

Simply add the required amount to your pan and heat in the usual way as you would with other oils. Remember, though, less is more!

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Will the Taste Be Affected?

When used in frying, organic coconut oil generally loses the coconut flavour, so foods still taste the same. What you may notice is the aroma when frying with coconut oil is different to using other oils. Obviously taste is such a personal thing but I fry eggs with it, onions, garlic and can’t taste coconut at all. I definitely haven’t ended up with a coconut flavoured bolognese for example!

Can You Heat to a High Temperature?

Unrefined coconut oil has a smoke point of approximately 176C or 350F degrees. It is non-toxic when heated because it is a saturated fat (made up of medium-chain fatty acids) which is a more stable fat.

The flash point (the point at which the oil vapours will ignite) of unrefined coconut oil is around 315C or 600F degrees.

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Foods Suitable for Frying in Coconut Oil

This list is pretty much endless, since unrefined coconut oil is a natural fat suitable for frying. It is ideal for those wanting a lactose free or vegan oil. The following is a suggested list but by no means exhaustive:

  • Eggs
  • Pancakes
  • Meats, including: beef; chicken; lamb; duck
  • Fish, all types
  • Vegetables including: onions; garlic; peppers; potatoes.

We’d love to hear your favourite recipe using Lucy Bee for frying and if we use it on our website we’ll send you a free jar as a thank you.

For recipe inspiration, including baking and roasting with coconut oil visit our cooking with coconut oil sectionBuy 1 litre of Coconut Oil on our Shop.

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