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Pure Coconut Oil

Pure Coconut Oil

What exactly does pure mean and what is its relevance when choosing a coconut oil? 

The oxford dictionary has a selection of descriptions to explain the meaning of the word ‘pure’: 

“Not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material”

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil is never blended. The country of origin is clearly stated on the label for all to see.

“Free of any contamination”

As an unrefined coconut oil, cold press extracted from fresh mature and organically grown coconuts, Lucy Bee is totally natural and has NOT had to endure any refinement, bleaching or deodorising to make if fit for human consumption. Lucy Bee Coconut Oil is naturally pure white in colour when solid and clear when a liquid.

Organic Farming Methods

We believe in the principles of organic farming methods and insist on using only coconuts that are organically grown for our coconut oil. In this way we are protecting both ourselves and the purity of the environment – after all, we are only ‘borrowing the Earth’ as custodians for future generations.

Green Smoothie - Recyled Glass

Reusable Glass Jars

To maintain its purity, we use recyclable glass jars for Lucy Bee Raw Coconut Oil. The fact that the jars can then be reused is an added bonus and the label is compostable and biodegradable.

Smiling Lady - Fair Trade V2

Fair Trade Premium

We could buy our Coconut Oil for less but we choose to include a Fair Trade premium. The reason for this is simple: we think everyone should benefit from this wonderfully natural product and that includes the workers and farmers who have picked the coconuts, grated the coconut kernel, extracted the oil and planted the trees in the first place!

Additinally, our Fair Trade guarantees that monkeys are NOT used to harvest the coconuts.

So how do you use our pure coconut Oil?

Spaghetti Bolognese V2

Coconut Oil for Cooking

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil is a perfect substitute for processed oils and margarine in all types of cooking.

Try blending a spoonful into a morning smoothie, stirring it into your daily bowl of steaming porridge, frying foods, including pancakes, achieve an added crispiness to your favourite Sunday roast potatoes, or try your own ‘bake off’ using coconut oil instead of butter, for some truly tempting cakes or brownies. All delicious ways to include this natural fat into your daily diet.

If you’re stuck for ideas, we have a selection of our favourite recipes just waiting for you to try. See Lucy's favourite coconut oil recipes here. 

There’s no recommended amount to use each day but the general guide is between 1 – 3 tablespoons per day when you use it to replace processed oils.

Remember, too, that balance is the key, so Lucy Bee Coocnut Oil should be used in moderation along with other natural, nutrient rich foods (preferably organic, where possible) that includes the full range of food groups, along with daily exercise.

Pure Coconut Oil And Hair V2

Coconut Oil for Hair

It’s easy to focus on eating natural, nutrient dense foods and then forget about what we’re putting onto our skin and hair. If you take a look at the list of ingredients in some of your hair and skincare products, it can often be quite long, not to mention difficult to pronounce!

If you’re looking for a pure, natural alternative then look no further because our coconut oil could be just the answer!

Coconut oil is reputed to stimulate hair growth because it penetrates the hair follicles. This, in turn, strengthens the hair so helping to reduce split ends and adds a wonderful lustre and shine.

It’s the fatty acids in coconut oil that work with the natural proteins found in hair to protect it from breaking (and therefore allowing it to grow). Read Hair Growth and Coconut Oil here.

Now, who wouldn’t want that?

The antibacterial and antifungal properties of pure coconut oil means it’s great at tackling dandruff or head lice, naturally and because it contains vitamin E, it’s wonderfully moisturising to the scalp, too.

Coconut Oil For Skin V3

Coconut Oil for Skin

This vitamin E, also means that coconut oil is perfect as a natural moisturiser for the entire body.

It can achieve great results on dry skin and we’ve had many reports from our legions of fans who claim that Lucy Bee Coconut Oil has worked wonders in their fight against eczema and psoriasis.

You’ll find that a little goes a long way so always start by gently massaging a small amount into the targeted area and add more if you think it’s needed. Amazingly, skin isn’t left greasy, as you might imagine but soft to the touch. If you find that yours is greasy, you’ve used too much and the skin has become saturated. It then takes a few minutes for it to properly soak in.

Another fabulous use for coconut oil is as a natural make-up remover (simply massage in then wipe off with a cotton pad) and it even gently removes waterproof mascara. Like this, it, also, strengthens and lengthens eyelashes – the perfect 2 in 1!

Banish chapped lips by rubbing a tiny amount of coconut oil into them – tastes good, too.

Sunny Luna

Other Uses for Pure Coconut Oil

Ok, so we’ve talked about using coconut oil for cooking, hair and beauty but how else might you use it?

Virtually every day we hear from users who give coconut oil to their pets (dogs, cats, horses etc.) and Lucy adds it to the oats that the visiting pheasant and ducks eat – they all love it! Meg gives it to Tess, her rescue dog and noticed a huge improvement in her coat and skin.

It seems to benefit pets in the same way as it does us. However, obviously if you have any health concerns for your pets, please always refer them to a qualified vet!

The list of uses doesn’t stop there though…..we’ve used it to unstick a zip; grease the garden shears; ease a lock; and our local health food store unjammed the photocopier with coconut oil!

Coconuts Fresh Benefits V2

Benefits of Pure Coconut Oil

Lucy Bee coconut oil from the Philippines or Sri Lanka is pure coconut oil in all senses.

It is “Not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material” and is“Free of any contamination.”

Through using this natural, unrefined, unprocessed oil for cooking and as a beauty product, our body benefits internally and externally.

Organic farming methods and Fair Trade regulations ensure the highest standards are maintained throughout, along with encouraging recycling at all levels.

We are benefitting the planet whilst benefitting ourselves. Pure in every way.

We hope you enjoy cooking with Lucy Bee Coconut Oil and / or using coconut oil in your beauty routine

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