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Is Saturated Fat Good for Fitness?

'It’s all about eating the right kind of fat.'

The Question of Saturated Fats

A question that often comes up is “How is coconut oil different when it’s a saturated fat, which we’ve been told not to eat?”. There's differing opinions on saturated fats per se and how beneficial they are and none more so than at the moment. It seems that every day we're reading different articles in the Press, which only adds to the confusion. 

With a wealth of conflicting and sometimes contentious articles available on the web and in print, it's really a question of doing some research. Due to EU regulations we are unable to offer our thoughts on these but by doing your own research, you're in a stronger position to make your own informed decision.

Eating the Right Kind of Fat

General thoughts are the more fat we eat, the more calories we consume BUT if we cut down on some fats we could, also, possibly reduce the essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins that our body needs. 

Medium-Chain Fats 

Coconut oil is a medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA) predominantly made up of lauric acid (approximately 48%), which is, also, found in a mother's breast milk.

Many athletes opt for coconut oil as their preferred choice of fat.

What About the Calories?

In the words of Bruce Fife (often referred to as the Coconut Guru!) “You don’t need to diet to lose weight; instead you need to make wise food choices.” 

Read our blog post on calories in various food oils and see a very useful comparison table of cooking oils and calories.