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Coconut Oil and Calories

'...coconut oil has thermogenic properties (a process in which the body uses the calories in foods eaten and converts those calories to heat).'

At Lucy Bee, we advocate a well-balanced diet as the absolute key to your general wellbeing. Isolating your diet to only one food group is never going to keep that weight off for long, neither is it beneficial to your overall health.

Something that many people fail to realise is that fat, and here we mean eating the right kind of fat, can satisfy hunger, which in turn means we eat less.

Coconut Oil 

Coconut Oil is comprised of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). If you google this term you'll be able to read up on how the body metabolises MCFAs and decide for yourself if this is beneficial to you.

What About the Calories?

Coconut oil is slightly less calorific than other oils and butter but is still a fat and therefore is calorific (117 per tablespoon). 

Including raw coconut oil in your diet isn’t going to be the miracle cure for weight loss.

Along with a balanced diet of nutritionally rich foods, we value the importance of exercise too in all of this….but then that’s another topic!

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