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Coconut Oil and Oil Pulling - How to Get Started

'Watch Hannah's tips on how to oil pull with coconut oil from Lucy Bee.'

What Is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is an alternative, natural method for oral hygiene.

The Reason Behind It

A large portion of bacteria in your body lives in your mouth so when you swallow, that bacteria is carried throughout your digestive system. The idea of oil pulling is to give your mouth a fresh, clean start each day by eliminating a large percentage of these oral microorganisms by ‘pulling them out’ of your mouth.

Ayurvedic Medicine

This is an ancient technique, first described in 5,000-year-old Ayurveda texts. Ayurveda is a system of traditional medicine native to the Indian subcontinent and a form of alternative medicine. The word ‘ama’ in Ayurvedic medical terms being ‘toxins’ which cause an inflammation in the digestive system if they are not eliminated.

Types of Oil

A few different oils can be used and many people choose organic raw coconut oil.

What to Do

  1. Soon after waking, before eating or brushing your teeth, swish your mouth with 1 - 2 teaspoons of coconut oil.

  2. If solid, it will quickly soften. Take a teaspoonful and then bite into it to melt it.

  3. Swirl and swish it around in your mouth, basically as you would with a mouthwash.

  4. Push & pull it through your teeth and around your gums. This is thought to activate the enzymes which draw out toxins.

  5. You can do this for anywhere from 5-20 minutes.

  6. Do not swallow the oil - the idea is to get rid of the 'nasties'. Once you finish, spit it out into a bin as the oil will solidify in your sink and may block it.

The point of oil pulling is to offer a more natural and environmentally compatible way of maintaining oral health, without all of the nasty chemicals.

Try keeping a jar of Lucy Bee in the bathroom as well as the kitchen.