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Unrefined Coconut Oil for the Family

'Raw, organic, coconut oil is a natural fat to include in the dietary jigsaw of food groups.'

Keeping it Natural

I’m all for making food interesting for children and encouraging them to try new things. It’s wonderful to expose their taste buds to a variety of flavours and textures whilst satisfying their growing body with healthy, nutritious foods. So where does coconut oil come into this?

We value the benefits of coconut oil for children so highly because it is a simple way to incorporate natural, raw products into your children’s diets and onto their skin. Coconut oil has no additives or nasty chemicals.

Coconut Oil, Nature’s Perfect Ingredient

Raw, organic, coconut oil is the ideal choice of fat to include in the dietary jigsaw of food groups. It is completely natural and pure, with no additives or GMOs.

Coconut Oil:-

Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids and is predominantly (approximately 48%)  made up of lauric acid, which is also found in abundance in human breast milk.

With a wealth of information available on the web and in print, on the benefits of these, we suggest doing some research and then you're in a position to make your own informed decision. 

How to Use in Cooking

The part that we stress the most is balance. You want your child to benefit from a varied diet that includes all the major food groups. Where fat is needed, you may choose to use raw coconut oil as a substitute for processed oils.

Feeding your growing child is the same as feeding yourself– a balanced, varied diet of natural and nourishing foods. Try unrefined coconut oil spread on toast or rice cakes; fry foods in it including eggs, onions, meat or fish; smear it over a chicken to roast; sweet potato fries roasted in it are divine; or use it as a substitute for butter in any baking recipes. The list really is endless!

Food Allergies

Did you know that our unrefined coconut oil is naturally lactose free and gluten free offering a choice for anyone with these food intolerances or allergies.

This is particularly useful when thinking about children because food allergies can often be overlooked in infancy.

Coconut Oil for Skin

Children and babies can often experience issues with their skin. Just like us, anything you put onto your little one’s skin is absorbed into the connective tissue and so it make sense to use the most natural product you can find – raw coconut oil is free from additives and any chemicals.

  • Coconut oil has offered some impressive success in dealing with cradle cap - the formation of dry skin on a baby’s scalp. The vitamin E gently nourishes dry scalp and at the same time enters the hair follicle to help strengthen new hair growth.

The best way to achieve results is to rub a small amount (start with a teaspoon) onto the scalp each day. Do remember that coconut oil goes a long way and if you use too much it tends to saturate the skin rather than be absorbed, plus you’re wasting it too!   

  • Nappy rash is often successfully treated by gently massaging coconut oil into the inflamed area. 

  • Cuts and bruises are often helped by applying a small amount of raw coconut oil. 

  • Baby acne can be helped by applying a small amount of coconut oil across the affected area. It doesn’t clog pores and because it contains vitamin E, it will help to heal and nourish the skin.
  • Have you tried baby massage? It’s great to relax your baby and coconut oil is the perfect, natural choice for this.

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