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Rachael Burford - Thurrock and England Rugby

'Coconut oil features regularly for Rachael, both in everything and with everything.'

Rachael Burford Thurrock and England Rugby.

Rachael first picked up a rugby ball when she was 6 years old, following in her family footsteps. Now, after 22 years of playing and rugby has become her full time job.

The first 10 years of her career she played at Medway RFC and in 2006 moved to Henley where she spent two years before moving to Saracens in 2006. Saracens were a highly successful club winning the Premiership title three years in a row. 

The Richmond Years

Rachael relocated to west London in 2009 which lead to another change in clubs, this time it was Richmond RFC. During her three seasons at Richmond they picked up the title 3 years in a row. Having 6 titles to her name she wanted to move back closer to home in Kent and take on a different challenge. 

Attached to Thurrock

Rachael decided to move to Thurrock RFC, where they had only just recently been promoted into the premiership and she would be the only international player, a huge difference compared to when she was playing for Saracens and Richmond. Rachael became attached to the club as soon as she stepped through the door. She is into her third season there now and they won the Championship last season, so hoping for a promotion into the Premiership next season.

Rachael was first selected at 16 where she represented England under 19s squad. Through the next 4 years she progressed through the England Pathway playing for England Academy A’s and earned her first Cap debut in 2006.

Rugby World Cup 

Since this she has played for England 56 times, having travelled around the world attending different competitions. She’s been part of 3 Rugby World Cup campaigns and after 8 years of trying to win a gold medal and become a world champion she finally did it, with England winning the Rugby World Cup.

England Player of the Year

Rachael has been named England Player of the Year for the 2013-2014 season and has been given a full time England Sevens contract. As she has been selected for the England Sevens, she has got the opportunity to go the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016. They have started their two year training to build up to this.

Recovery and Nutrition

Being a full time player has allowed her to focus more on her rest, recovery and nutrition compared to having to balance this with a full time job as well. Coconut oil features regularly for Rachael, both in everything and with everything.


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Rachael Burford Thurrock and England Rugby Pro

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