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Buy Organic Coconut Oil and the Rest of the Lucy Bee Range of Products From a Variety of In-store Retailers or Online:

You can now buy directly from us on the Lucy Bee Shop


ASDA stock our 500ml and 300ml Philippine Coconut Oil and are also the only other stockist of our Coconut Milk, click here for the list of ASDA stores which stock our Coconut Milk


Morrisons stock many of our products: you'll find our 500ml Philippine Coconut Oil, Drinking Chocolate, Turmeric, Cinnamon, coarse Himalayan Salt and in the beauty section Epsom and Dead Sea Bath Salts. 


Sainsbury's stock the 300ml size of Lucy Bee Coconut Oil, Creamed Coconut and Drinking Chocolate.


Lakeland is a chain of 68 kitchenware stores. It is still based where it was founded in Windermere in the Lake District. Along with our Coconut Oil, they also sell our Cacao Powder, Turmeric, Himalayan Salt, Maca and Lucuma. 


In 1882 an ambitious young shop assistant, John James Fenwick, began a retail empire when he took over a doctor’s house in a residential area of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Booths Supermarkets

Since 1847 Booths Supermarkets have been selling a range of quality goods in their 28 stores in the North East of England. Our 500ml Coconut Oil is available here and you can, again, use the store finder to find the closest shop to you.

Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic 

These health food stores offer a wide range of organic products and general advice on nutrition, health and beauty. Primarily based around the London area, Whole Foods have stores in Cheltenham and Glasgow, too, and our Coconut Oil is available in all stores. Our Cacao, Lucuma, Maca, Cinnamon and Turmeric are available in various stores so it might be worth checking with them directly as to what they have in stock.

Planet Organic stock our Coconut Oil in all three sizes, plus our fine Himalayan Bath Salt and Epsom Bath Salt.

Independent Health Food Shops

Our full range of products are available from numerous local health food shops. If your local one does not stock Lucy Bee please ask for it. They can get it for you either directly from us or from our wholesaler Tree of Life.


Many gyms now stock Lucy Bee for your convenience. If you’d like your favourite gym to stock us, just ask as it’s easily available for them to purchase directly from us.


Ocado has been voted the best online supermarket in the UK by Which? They stock our product range.


Lucy Bee Coconut Oil is constantly in the top 3 of the Amazon Groceries Top 100 Chart. Amazon also sell our full product range and you can shop on Amazon using the link on our ‘Charity at No Cost’ page and if you love Lucy Bee then please leave us a review. 

The suggested retail prices for our products are as follows, all but the salts are Fair Trade and Organic.

  • Coconut Oil £4.50 for 300ml, £7.25 for 500ml, £14.00 for 1ltr,£45.00 5ltr, 
  • Creamed Coconut £7.95 for 500g
  • Coconut Milk £3.00 1ltr
  • Coconut Sugar £4.95 for 500g
  • Sri Lankan Coconut Oil £9.95 500ml
  • Starseed Omega 3 Oil £12.50 250ml
  • Cacao Powder/Drinking Chocolate £4.95 for 250g
  • Maca Powder £9.50 for 125g
  • Lucuma Powder £9.50 for 250g
  • Turmeric Powder £5.75 for 250g
  • Cinnamon Powder £3.75 for 125g
  • Turmeric Latte £4.95 for 125g
  • Chai Mix £4.95 for 100g
  • Himalayan Coarse Salt £2.50 for 250g
  • Himalayan Fine Bath Salt £5.25 for 1kg
  • Epsom Bath Salt £4.95 for 1kg
  • Dead Sea Bath Salt £6.75 for 1kg

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