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Current Coconut Oil Promotions

Lucy Bee 12-for-1 Label Promotion

The Lucy Bee 12-for-1 label promotion is a little ‘give back’ to our loyal buyers. It’s an open-ended promotion - well, for the foreseeable future and barring ‘acts of God’ we’ll keep it rolling (we do have to reserve the right to change this at any time though).


Don't Want to Watch the Video?

It’s a very simple promo. Just send in 12 Lucy Bee labels of the same size and we will send you a free jar of that size. Send your labels to us with your address to:- Lucy Bee Ltd PO Box 214 Hertford SG14 2ZX. To make sure we receive them, it might be an idea to send them 'signed for' and please check they have the correct postage, otherwise there could be a delay in us getting them. Postage costs differ depending on the size and thickness of the envelope.

Jar Sizes

We now have 3 sizes available - 300ml, 500ml and our 1 litre jar. Save your same size labels and when you have 12 of that size, send to us.

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