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Lucy Bee Cinnamon Powder Back In Stock!

You asked and we listened… popular demand our Cinnamon Powder is back! We had discontinued this but received so many requests for it so here it is back on our shop. We’ve taken the opportunity to repackage it and reduce waste but don’t worry, inside it’s still the same ‘true cinnamon’ powder that we all know and love. Click on the image to buy yours today.

Now Available in Asda & Morrisons

We’re really excited to announce that our Fair Trade Organic Coconut Milk is now available in even more Morrisons stores, as well in Asda stores, too. We’re confident that you’ll love this plant-based milk as much as we do. It’s 99.9% coconut and has a wonderful smooth and velvety texture, similar to dairy milk. Unlike other dairy free milk alternatives, our Coconut Milk has no fillers, rice or water. 'Ethical Consumer Magazine' have voted our Coconut Milk #1 UK Best Buy for Non-Dairy Milks. Click on the image to see which stores stock our Coconut Milk

Fair Trade

Fair Trade isn't just about paying workers a fair price and a fair wage, though these are very important factors. Choosing Fair Trade products has a much wider impact, which we, the consumer, can influence. Click on the images above to see how your support of Lucy Bee is making a difference around the world.

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