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The Lucy Bee Team

We’re a family run business. Everyone at Lucy Bee believes in a healthy lifestyle, looking after our environment and the importance of Fair Trade. We have our own individual roles but always seem to end up helping each other.  

You might already have met me on Instagram or seen me in our beauty and cooking videos. I also work on recipe and product development.

My dad, Phil is the businessman behind Lucy Bee. He named the company after me as he says I was the driving force behind it -  I was diagnosed a coeliac at 18 months old so my mum and dad had to completely change their way of eating and always had to check labels. Eating natural, nourishing foods became the norm in our house and this eventually led to us using coconut oil as a replacement for processed oils.

My mum, Natalie, helps with recipe development and testing and general bits and bobs.

My sister, Daisy, is a Registered Assocaite Nutritionist and is currently studying for a PgDip in Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition. She has has worked for an NHS funded project, the Diabetes Prevention Programme; and shadowed a nutritionist in Harley Street and she helps  us with all things nutrition. You can check out her articles in our blog.

My brother, Jack, has graduated from Newcastle University and is involved in our pricing, purchasing and orders. 

Petrina helps with the business side of things as well as working on packaging design and the blog and keeps us compliant.

Georgia is our in-house PR girl. She also helps Lucy with sales meetings, product development and the skincare range..

Claire is on maternity leave at the moment.

Jess helps with product development and sales meetings.

Harry looks after processing orders and making sure we always have stock and keeping our warehouse running smoothly.

Tom is a Personal Trainer and is helping with our social media, along with looking after trade accounts with Jess.

Ozzie looks after the warehouse, getting your orders to you and keeping on top of things in the warehouse.

Hannah works closely with Ozzie in the warehouse as well as helping us with trade queries.


We love working with Winfried from FairTSA. He’s as passionate about Fair Trade as we are and regularly updates us on community projects and how we all are making a difference - that’s you as well through your support when you buy Lucy Bee.

To the UK...

It’s imported into the UK by Brian and his gang and delivered to Cliff and the guys at their UK based BRC Grade A bottling plant.

We’re lucky to have the support of Emma who supplies our recyclable glass bottles, Phil’s easy peel labels, Peter for our green lids and Tony provides our recycled cardboard packaging all consistent with our environmentally friendly ethos.

To ensure our quality standards are maintained, we work with the Food Test Laboratory and the Organic Food Federation and we value our contact with Rachel at the Vegetarian Society, the guys at the Vegan Society and Michelle from Foods Matter.

We couldn’t be without the help of Lisa at the haulage company and Doreen from the warehouse who carefully organise deliveries to our fantastic team of retailers.....Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Whole Foods, Ocado, Amazon and many many more!

We have Frontmedia Studio to thank for our artwork and web design.

To You

Between us all, our aim is to bring you the finest quality, natural products. We value your ongoing support and love to hear from you. I hope you enjoy using Lucy Bee as much as we do.

Wow! What a fantastic team.

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Tip of the Week

Coconut Sugar is a natural alternative to refined sugar. It has a glycaemic index (GI) of 35 – this is how quickly foods affect your blood sugar and those foods below GI55 are digested and absorbed more slowly, with a slower rise in glucose levels. Despite its name, our Coconut Sugar doesn’t taste of coconut!


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