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Hair Growth

'...few people realise that coconut oil can stimulate hair growth. Yep, our coconut oil can make your hair longer, thicker and healthier.'

Coconut Oil for Hair

We all want thick, luscious, shiny hair, don’t we? Yet very few of us are naturally blessed with ad-worthy locks.

Thankfully, one of the many wondrous uses of our Lucy Bee coconut oil is as a hair treatment. Beloved for thousands of years by those living in the tropics as a conditioner, coconut oil may well give you the hair you always dreamed of.

However, whilst many of our customers swear by using Lucy Bee as an overnight hair treatment, many more believe it has stimulated their hair growth. Yep, they talk of coconut oil making your hair longer, thicker and healthier.

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How Does Coconut Oil Benefit Hair Growth?

Since coconut oil helps to keep your body healthy and your hair soft, it goes hand-in-hand with hair growth.  Here’s how:

1)    Prevents Breakage

The fatty acids found in coconut oil work with the natural proteins found in hair to protect it from breaking (and therefore allowing it to grow). In fact, the lauric acid found in our coconut oil is fantastic at caring for hair.

2)    Moisturises

Shiny hair is happy, healthy hair and regular use of coconut oil couldmake your hair softer and more lustrous than ever before. You see, coconut oil is incredible at penetrating hair follicles and therefore moisturising and conditioning from the outside, in. In fact, the oil is so moisturising that it even protects follicles from heat and environmental damage.

3)    Boosts Blood Circulation

If you massage your head with coconut oil, you’ll boost scalp circulation, meaning that more oxygen and nutrients will be sent right to your hair follicles, helping to stimulate growth.

4)    Rich in Nutrients

Coconut oil is loaded with natural antioxidants and nutrients such as Vitamin E, Vitamin K and Iron. Each of these plays a key role in keeping your hair soft and supple, and Iron can even eradicate dandruff from the scalp.

5)    Antibacterial 

Bacteria can be a problem in both hair and on the scalp. However, coconut oil contains both antifungal and antibacterial properties, which protect against dandruff and lice, both of which can affect hair growth. 

How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

To truly get the best out of your coconut oil, we recommend that you only buy extra virgin, raw and organic, as with Lucy Bee. This means that you’re only applying nature’s goodness to your hair, without any nasties or chemical ingredients.

Here’s How we Love to Use Our Oil on Our Hair:

Heat the Oil

Either heat the oil (solid at room temperature) between the palms of your hands, or heat the jar gently in warm water, before wetting your hair. 

Massage In

Using one to four tablespoons of oil (depending on how long your hair is and remember that a little goes a long way), begin to massage the oil into your hair with your fingertips, ensuring you work it into the hair follicles by applying to the roots. To get the full benefit, massage for a good few minutes. 


Now, cover your hair with a towel or a shower cap and leave Lucy Bee to work its magic! Leave overnight  before washing off for an incredible deep-conditioning treatment, or for at least twenty minutes for an intensive condition. 

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