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Coconut Oil for Skin Treatments

Here’s our lowdown on using coconut oil for skin treatments – and why we think it’s among the very best of nature’s ingredients.

By now, most of us have heard all about the wonders of coconut oil and how to use it in baking, cooking and even to stir into coffee.

However, what about using it in your bathroom cabinet, too?

Used for centuries as a natural hair conditioner, body moisturiser and facial cream – particularly in countries such as the Philippines, where our oil is made - coconut oil has dozens of beauty uses. 

We’ve known our coconut oil to work wonders on a huge array of conditions, including eczema, cradle cap and even acne. It is also a fantastic hair conditioner, face moisturiser and even use it in baby baths and as a baby massage oil.

Want to know more? Here’s our lowdown on using coconut oil for skin treatments – and why we think it’s among the very best of nature’s ingredients. 

Why Is Coconut Oil So Good For The Skin?

In our opinion, coconut oil is a great, natural alternative for your skin than many more expensive or commonly-used products. Coconut oil suits all skin types, whether your face is dry, oily, prone to breakouts, or sensitive. 

Since Lucy Bee’s coconut oil is 100 per cent natural and free from chemicals and other harsh ingredients, it's even gentle enough to be used on  the newest of newborn babies (we’ve known mums apply it to skin when babies are just a matter of hours old).

So, how does it work? Well, the medium-chain triglycerides (saturated fats) in coconut oil work to provide deep, long-lasting moisture to the skin that makes it silky to touch. Thanks to these wonderfully moisturising properties, coconut oil gives skin an even tone and may even reduces the appearance of the pores.

Also containing Vitamin E, you can see why Lucy Bee Coconut Oil is so nourishing, providing natural goodness for your skin in every possible way. 

Coconut oil can also help with skin breakouts (making it a brilliant first moisturiser for teens and young skins, particularly those who suffer with acne). It’s all down to the fact that it's is rich in lauric, capric and caprylic acid. 

What Skin Problems Can We Use Coconut Oil For?

We've had many comments on a variety of skin problems which coconut oil may be used to treat, or is thought to prevent, including:

  • Nappy Rash
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Acne
  • Dandruff
  • Premature ageing
  • Bites, stings and burns
  • Dermatitis
  • Dry or flaky skin
  • Healing cuts

How Else Can I Use Coconut Oil?

Our Coconut Oil can be used in so many different ways on the skin – and we always love hearing new ways from our customers and coconut oil lovers. Here are some of our current favourite ways to use Lucy Bee:

Natural After-sun:

We’d advise strong caution when using coconut oil as a sunscreen as it has a relatively low SPF of approx. 3 or 4. In our experience, it’s best used as a wonderful after-sun lotion instead, to moisturise and soothe sun-kissed skin.

Treat Cracked Heels and Hands:

Coconut oil can provide relief from dry or cracked skin, particularly on harder to treat areas such as the feet or hands. Every day use means our feet and hands are often the roughest or driest parts of the body but a little coconut oil love can go a long way. To treat, apply coconut oil to the area, before wrapping loosely with clingfilm or warm towels and leaving overnight.

You can even add a large teaspoon of coconut oil to some warm water in a foot or hand bath and let the oil soak into the skin, whilst you sit and relax.

Body Lotion and Moisturiser:

Thanks to the amazing chemical structure of coconut oil (it’s made up of medium-chain fatty acids – yep, we know we talk about them all the time!) it’s easily absorbed into the skin.

As you probably know, our skin naturally produces sebum, which is also a medium-chain fatty acid. This sebum helps to lubricate the skin and hair and prevent fungal and bacterial infections. However, sebum can be damaged by every day things such as washing or through broken skin. Using coconut oil as a moisturiser can help the skin to re-establish this natural chemical barrier, restoring moisture and elasticity to both the face and body.

Nappy Rash Cream:

Most babies suffer from these painful, inflamed rashes at some stage in their life – and it pays to have coconut oil in the nappy bag or bathroom cabinet when they do. Free from chemicals and harsh ingredients, we believe that coconut oil is a perfect barrier cream to treat nappy rash naturally. 

Cradle Cap:

Cradle cap is an all-too familiar problem with newborns and can cause dry, flaky skin on the scalp of little ones. For a natural treatment, try gently massaging coconut oil onto your baby’s head and leaving for around 20 minutes. Simply rinse off and then use a baby brush to remove any loose flakes. The coconut oil moisturises and nourishes the dry skin and effectively removes cradle cap flakes.

Massage Oil:

Our coconut oil makes a brilliant massage oil when heated between the hands and it’s not just for aching muscles either! Many parents swear by Lucy Bee coconut oil to massage their babies (a treatment which is renowned for helping to settle colicky babies especially, as well as strengthening the bond between parent and child). Coconut oil works so well because it is easily absorbed into the skin, preventing cracking and moisturising. Because it’s such a stable oil, it also can sit on the skin without causing infections.

Eye Make-Up Remover:

Coconut oil used around the delicate and sensitive eye area is ideal for protecting against damage, as well as softening the appearance of lines and wrinkles and giving a youthful look. It also makes a fantastic, chemical-free eye make-up remover which doesn’t irritate the skin.

To see the full benefits of this amazing eye treatment, simply apply a dab of coconut oil on the ring finger and gently massage over the eye. Then, using a damp cotton wool pad, remove the oil and eye make-up. Some users claim it has also helped restore elasticity to the skin.

Body Scrub:

If you suffer from dry or dull skin (or want to use fake tan when you’re feeling a little bit pale), coconut oil can make a fantastic, natural body scrub as it also helps to exfoliate the outer layer of dead skin cells, making your skin smoother. For an unbeatable DIY body scrub, simply mix the oil with equal parts of brown sugar and smooth across skin whilst in the shower, before washing away.


Coconut Oil can be used to provide soothing and gentle after care for women post-labour. Not only can it make an effective and gentle treatment to soothe sore or irritated nipples after breast feeding but it can also provide help to heal skin after birth too.

Coconut Oil And Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks:

Many new mums have told us how coconut oil helped to fade and  prevent stretch marks (particularly in pregnancy) by helping to keep skin supple and smooth. Because our oil is loaded with antioxidants that fight free radicals, it can  also work to nourish the damaged skin. To use in this way, simply massage onto bare skin before going to bed each night.

Shave Cream:

Since it doesn’t clog the pores, coconut oil can help to gently heal and soothe the skin after shaving. When combined with shea butter, it also makes a fantastic shaving cream for those with sensitive skin.

Want to know more? Find out some more of our favourite coconut oil beauty tips, such as oil pulling, by clicking here.

How Do We Use Coconut Oil On Our Skin?

Now you’ve heard all about it amazing uses, how do you set about using coconut oil as a beauty or skin treatment?

When you first receive your jar of Lucy Bee Coconut Oil, it will probably be solid, with a cream-like texture (although it will turn liquid in warmer climates, or in hotter weather). To use coconut oil on the skin, take it - either in solid or liquid form - on your palm. Then, rub your palms together and press it gently over the skin of the desired area.

A little also goes a very long way. For this reason, you only need to apply a small amount (apply too much and your skin will look shiny!) to create an effective treatment that will last for hours. 

Got More Uses?

We love hearing how our customers and coconut oil fans are using their Lucy Bee. If you’ve been particularly creative and want to share your at-home tip, then get in touch with Lucy on our social media. Check our Shop for 1 Litre Coconut Oil!